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11mm Manual Hand Held Pill Press Tablet Press TDP Vitamin Press


Product Description

TabletBinderTDP.coms’s Own Hand Held Pill Press !
Here’s a quick and hassle free solution for making pills and tablets with this Hand Held Pill Press that enables you to easily make pills for home. 
TabletBinderTdp.com’s “House” Handheld Tablet Press.
Comes with free 50g ready mix binder.

Hard and Shiny

Our Hand Held Pill Press Produces Tablets that come out Hard and Shiny!

11mm Hand Held Pill Press to use for home.
TabletBinderTDP.com’s Hend Held Pill press can make great looking tablets in seconds.
Our Hand Held pill Press is made out of steel, so it is durable and should last a long time!
Our 11mm Hand Held Tablet Press is easy to use, and it fits right in your pocket! Please see our video below for usage instructions.

Now you can make aspirin size pills in 10 seconds flat!

No need to buy expensive equipment or capsules.
Our Hand Held Pocket Press is made out of 100% steel and is totally dishwasher safe and food safe please be aware that aluminum Is not food grade nor is it dishwasher safe.
This 3 piece set at comes with stand, tube and the rod making it easy to make Tablets and pills.
All you need is the Hand Held Pill Press, a hammer to compress your powder into a pill form, and a wood block to work on.